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Lets welcome Mary Jane to the industry, she's up and cuming and very good at what she do..She's 21 from Cali, nice fat ass, and can suck some dick for real, and she even likes to swallow loads..Mack Steele came through and enjoyed her thoroughly. She really made love to the dick and wanted to swallow the load but got some on her face..What a good girl she is..Wait till you see her other scenes..Sheesh..Enjoy!!
Here's a surprise update and a special request video.  Sunshine aka Damaris returns once again to show off her newly acquired deepthroat skills.  She uses Macckk Steele for good practice.  We werent even planning on shooting this day but luckily I had my camera.  After a nice long dick suck she took the load in her mouth and wanted to swallow it all, but she spat some out..Very good job as usual from this starlet..
Surprise surprise found this video on my old hard drive, i though I lost it, but here it is..The infamous Lula Chinxx, deep throat expert and real dickologist, shows off what she's made of with Mack Steele.  You already know how she gets down man..Top 5 easy in the BJ department..This is her final video, so enjoy the hell out of it..Shit was almost 40 min long..She sucked the life out of Mack..Real talk..Check it out in the member area..